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With a variety of exciting and interesting scenes from the story continued chapter 333, and the following explanation of Black Clover Manga 334 Update complete.

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Synopsis Black Clover Manga 334 Update

Black Clover Manga 334 Update
Black Clover Manga 334 Update

Raw Scan comics have been released, the story of the fight Asta vs Julius still continues sister Lily so the devil and made a very terrible sacrifice.

Previously that Lucious was their greatest host because he had two souls in one body.

Despite sharing a body, Lucious and Julius can communicate with each other, Lucious claiming has glimpses of the future and with it true peace for all mankind.

This chapter with a total of 17 pages no break manga Black Clover next week exactly chapter 335, the fight between Asta and Lucious continues.

When Lucious fights he makes Lily a demon, sister Lily has two wings at the end of the chapter Asta’s chest is cut off by Lucious.

Also earlier we know Lucious insults Julius by saying that even though he is physically closest to him, Julius is trying to stop him.

Here and now Lucious has appeared and Asta soon realizes that this is not Julius, with his powers Lucious freezes time for everyone except himself and his friend.

Then he reveals that he and his brothers, exterminated the entire human race before starting again with a new race.

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He went on to say that the offspring they produce will be completely the same as everyone else, this manga with a release schedule 21 August 2022 on site mangaplus.

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