Does Bakugo Die In Season 6? Read The Full Story

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Does Bakugo Die In Season 6? Read The Full Story

Does Bakugo Die In Season 6? Read The Full Story

There’s some great news coming out for My Hero Academia fans, not only did we get confirmation that Season 6 of the anime is heading our way but this new OVA has also been released.

But with good news inevitably coming bad, those who have read the manga series have let it slip on Twitter that Katsyuki Bakugo may be dead, but is this true or will she be fine in the end?.

Does Bakugo Die In Season 6?

According to spoilers from various different tweets, it looks like Bakugo is on the verge of death in this chapter and at least believes he will die.

He along with other UA students like Big 3 fight alongside Pro Heroes including Mirko, they all fight Tomura Shigarku and All for one.

In this fight Tamaki Amajiki of the top 3 uses a powerful move called Vast Hybrid, Plasma Canon that inflicts a lot of damage on a large area but the explosion does nothing against All for one.

At this time, Bakyugo is on his way to attack Shigaraki and he discovers that he is faster than the leader of the paranormal Liberation Front.

As Bakugo fights Shigaruki, he has a vision of All Might which makes him realize that he might die this is where he remembers that he kept the All Might card.

It was on her and she wished she had a legendary hero sign it for her on the pages of this chapter.

We see Bakugo lying on the ground with a card next to it, his heart has stopped and we don’t know if he will make it through.

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