Lookism Chapter 431 Release Date

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Lookism Chapter 431 Release Date

Lookism is a serious manhwa there are important news stories such as bullying, which makes it unsuitable from most manga and other manhwa.

Well, this manhwa story follows a teenager who is bullied by his classmates because of his fat body. However, one day a miracle happened, and the boy got the opportunity to have 2 bodies.

To be precise, he received the power to transform in 2 bodies. One body looks fat, and the other looks tall and handsome.

As manhwa brings together many fans, the Chinese TV series from it was released against 2019, and there is 2022 Netflix seen with the adaptation of the animated series by Studio MIR.

Lookism Chapter 431 could be released on Webtoon on Friday, January 13, 2023, at 8:00 PST. Daniel Park and Eugene talk about the mystery of Daniel’s 2 bodies.

Eugene tells Daniel a photo of Charles Choi, his wife, and his son. He also reveals that the child is Crystal Choi, whom they know now. He further revealed that this photo was taken while Charles was living in poverty.

Lookism Manhwa Chapter 431

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