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Capljinski Portal is one of the voluntary blood donation actions of students and professors held at APLJINA high school, where 29 doses of blood were collected.

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New Capljinski Portal Latest Update 2022

New Capljinski Portal Latest Update 2022
New Capljinski Portal Latest Update 2022

The action, organized by the Red Cross of Apljina city in collaboration with the Transfusiology Department of SKB Mostar, was attended by 14 donors including citizens.

Students who can donate blood have low blood pressure and hemoglobin values, and have a fairly healthy immune body because it can not cause very severe side effects felt.

The Red Cross of the municipality of Apljina shows that they are pleased with the fact that a large number of students have enrolled and thus show great interest and responsibility.

Socialization of students and residents is very intertwined homunis and familiar, especially for all those who donate blood willingly or do not expect a change of a fraction.

That’s one of the things that can be modeled with good behavior, it is the duty of the people to help each other according to their religion and religion.

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Because we are social beings who do not escape depending on others who need help, for us to help and vice versa.

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