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Black Clover tells the story of a boy named Asta who was born without magic powers. It is an abnormal phenomenon in the world in which we live. Since childhood, Rasta lived in the land of magic, where everyone could control magic. However, Asta is not able to use it at all. Despite the bitter reality, Asta still tries to find his own strength.

Synopsis Black Clover 338 English

Read Black Clover 338 English

Nacht Faust invites Yuno Grinberryall to meet Ciel Grinberryall, his mother, and the Queen Of The Kingdom of Spade. Yuno recognizes him from memories shared by Ralph while Sylph sees their resemblance. Happy to see her safe and mature, Ciel hugs Yuno. Albert and the resistance bowed to the prince and asked him to return to the kingdom of Spades. Sylph was very pleased with King Yuno’s idea.

Ciel has a lot more to say to Yuno, which he may not accept, but he stops him and decides that even though he can’t see what the future holds, he still has to fulfill his wish. what he did to Asta, his family in the Clover Kingdom, his best friend and rival. Meanwhile, on top of the city’s broken bell tower, Asta thanks Liebe because the devil’s memory made him see his mother …

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Read Black Clover 338 English

Read Black Clover 338 English

Black Clover chapter 338 will be released on September 16 , 2022. Fans can read this chapter online at Manga Plus and Viz.

The raw scan for the Black Clover 338 manga will release 2-3 days before the internet as well as spoilers will come out, but it will be better to wait for the official release.

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