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Lookism Chapter 408 Release Date

Lookism Chapter 408 release date is set for August 2022. The series will come out on Sunday each week. Because the series is popular enough that the English translation of the Manga will not take much time and the translation will be available within a week.

Synopsis Read Lookism 408 English

Read Lookism 408 English

Park Tae-webtoon, Joon’s Lookism, is a popular one in South Korea. Since November 2014, it has been published weekly on Naver WEBTOON. Students in high school have the ability to transition between two different physical appearances—one overweight and unattractive, the other slim and beautiful.

Park Hyung Suk is an outcast in his high school due to his weight, appearance, and overall demeanor. Because he was bullied and harassed daily by a teenager, he often verbally attacked his mother and ended up seeking a transfer to another school.

She moves to Seoul on her own and hopes to start again at a different high school, vowing to stay away from her current situation. But a few nights before she went to school, she got a tall, strong, and amazingly beautiful body. When one body is in use, the other goes to sleep, but he can wake the sleeping one to switch back and forth.

He spends the day in an interesting form and the night in his original form, as he does every day. Over time, Daniel realized how much the world is prejudiced against people because they are not interesting or unique. Therefore, the title of the book is “Lookism.”

Read Lookism 408 English

Fans have been eagerly awaiting Lookism Chapter 408. We highly recommend using the official source so you can read Lookism Chapters from the following manga platforms to support creators.

  • Open the webtoon page in your browser
  • Tap an option in the search field “lookism”
  • Or click this link.[ ]
  • []

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