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Yu Ying bit red lips, and pitifully said: “Why did the two Senior brothers sneak around like this when they met? What is Junior Sister’s offense? I was obviously with Senior Brother Feng, two Senior brothers to ruin my reputation. “

In the speech room, he looked at Yang Kai with some concern, and seemed to be afraid that he knew his own past.

“Clear and white?”Zhang Xian’s eyeballs suddenly appeared, squatting on the spot, Buddhist Heaven Holy Land the other four people were also a pair of dumbfounded expressions.

After a while, these five talents suddenly laughed loudly at simultaneous, and the laughter was arrogant and full of sarcasm.

Yu Di, The Laughter was welcome, Zhang Hao’s cold face: “this is the best laugh I’ve ever heard.”

Zhang Xian also said: “a man who can stay in the room with your Yu Ying a single man and a single woman, but has not yet been born?”

Yu Ying was said to have a red tinge on his face. Even if he is sexually intelligent, he is said to be very face-to-face, and his face is somewhat untenable. He glanced at Yang Kai and argued: “Senior Brother Feng should listen to their nonsense, Junior Sister. I’m not that kind of person.”

Yang Kai first said: “I know.”

He also sneered in his heart, this time’s female nature he touched clear, this time is also loaded with innocent views to explain this with his own, do not know what to think.

Yu Ying saw Yang Kai’s performance is not salty, but also there is a little upset in my heart, secretly blame Buddhist Heaven Holy Land these people are too busy, but now his strength is not as good as people, dare not get angry, can only look miserable. There said: “some Senior Brother specially came to stop Junior Sister, could it be that is to humiliate Junior Sister? If it’s this kind of. Then you have succeeded. Junior Sister … resigned.”

“Want to go? Are you asking me?”Zhang Hao exploded.

“What should some Senior Brother do?” Yu Ying plays the drums live. Zhang Hao group looks at is not good, obviously not to chat.

Zhang Xian his cold eyes looked at Yu Ying, said: “lowly maid, I ask, Where is my junior Brother Deng Yong now?”

This statement came out, Yu Ying complexion slightly changed. However, it is quickly hidden. He laughed and said: “Zhang Xian Senior Brother’s question Is Strange. Where’s Deng Yong? Do you know it could be that? Why come to Junior Sister? I’ve never seen it.”

“Dare to lie! Zhang Hao’s eyes were cold, bursting out: “Deng Yong Junior Brother is obviously dead in your hands.”

Yu Ying shouted: “How can Zhang Hao Senior Brother think so? I have no hatred with Deng Yong in the past, and I will not kill if I really encounter him. What’s more, Deng Yong’s strength is higher than mine, even Junior Sister even I am helpless, Zhang Hao Senior Brother can’t disgust me. “

“There is still misleading!”Zhang Hao bit his teeth. Seeing Yu Ying, cold snort said: “Since you are stubborn, let you die! Deng Yong Junior Brother’s ecstasy is clearly imprinted on you. I also felt that this ecstasy was traced. Here, what do you have to say now! “

Yu Ying was suddenly White.

Zhang Xian said: “We are still thinking about who killed Deng Yong. But I don’t want to be your lowly maid. Deng Yong is stronger than you. It’s not strange to die at your hands. Anyway, he’s excited. Like life! “

Zhang Hao accepted: “although Deng Yong is a ghost, he has lingering death, but after all, it is the Holy Land disciple, Yu Ying, killing people, you cut yourself!”

two people, you say a word, directly sentence Yu Ying to death, let Yu Ying beautiful face no blood, and the body shivering.

this time. Yang Kai had detected a brand of Divine Soul deeply hidden in his body somewhere, and it was Deng Yong who was left before he died. The silly Yu Ying was never noticed, causing to be captured by the people of Buddhist Heaven Holy Land now they were unable to defend themselves.

He was still wondering why the five people of Buddhist Heaven Holy Land would come directly to block the path of own and Yu Ying. Now it seems that it is the credit of ecstasy.

I do not know when Yu Ying killed Deng Yong, but it was always done throughout the year.

Yang Kai secretly annoyed, he followed Yu Ying, just want him to take his own to find Yin Lesheng, but do not want out this kind of. However, he still couldn’t ignore it, if he didn’t pay attention, then Yu Ying would die, and his time endurance and hard work would be lost.

So, no matter whether he wanted to or not, Yu Ying was saved.

“Not yet! Zhang Hao saw Yu Ying delay self-discipline, unable to resist bursting out: “your own wants clear, if I wait, you can’t die if you want to die!”

Yu Ying was whiter, one bite, one step towards the retreat, and sighed: “This is My Sect Feng De Senior Brother, what do you have, tell him!”

This woman, when she saw the momentum was not good, actually pushed Yang Kai directly, and I had to use it as a shield, and there was no intention of covering it up.

“Feng De? Zhang Hao caught a glimpse of Yang Kai, indifferent: “where did the garbage come out, I haven’t heard it!”

In the entire Underworld Sect, the strong Principle Source Stage that could compete with their Holy Child were famous and had surnames. Feng De this has never been heard of. Since I had never heard of it, it meant that it was just a common disciple.the common disciple was not enough to see in front of their Two Holy children.

“Son, you have to be a lowly maid for the first time? You can think of clear!”Zhang Xian looked at Yang Kai, but also sneered.

Yang Kai calmed his face, and his stomach was unhappy. The embarrassing situation happened: “since Junior Sister called me Senior Brother, then this thing can’t sit down and no matter what, want to kill him, first pass the seal ! “

Hiding behind her Yu Ying, her beauty was bright and bright, she didn’t seem to expect, Yang Kai was actually a Qi/air bone and bear, after all, she wasn’t considered an Underworld Sect disciple, and own was just a partner. Even if he ran away at this time, there was nothing wrong with it, but he didn’t.

This guy is really stupid! Yu Ying’s heart was in the dark.

But if there was Feng De involved, he might not be able to escape. As for Feng De, it was life or death, he could not understand, own life was the most important.

Too bad, I was hoping to introduce him to the Underworld Sect, but I didn’t want him to have this Qi/air blessing.

Yu Ying’s heart was secretly plotting, and there was already a posture ready to escape. Although his posture is very hidden, but the place to avoid being Kai’s observation.

He sneered in his heart, Yu Ying this woman is really evil and poisonous, if own is really Feng De, if not good, she will be sold. Unfortunately, he had a calculation in mind, not his own.

“Well, since you want to die, then I’ll see you!” Zhang Hao looks crazy, spleen qi/air is also very hot, no doubt annoyed by Yang Kai, speaking, turning hands, a sledgehammer suddenly appeared on the palm, sledgehammer above, a surge of energy, emitting a powerful aura, he raised the sledgehammer high, and smashed towards Yang Kai and Yu Ying.

④ Time, the space around him is one condensation, it seems like The Void is about to collapse, the shadow of a huge hammer now, suddenly covering a large range, Yang Kai and Yu Ying are all wrapped up.

The power of this movement was great, but Yang Kai was completely absent in the eyes, even if he wanted to, Buddhist Heaven Holy Land could kill five.

But he was unwilling to expose his own strength too much, especially in the face of Yu Ying.

So he changed his face and changed his face. He didn’t show any Secret Technique, nor did he sacrifice a Secret Treasure. He just swung his fist and directly punched the shadows and angrily greeted the hammer.

Boom …

Void shock, energy scramble.

Yang Kai fresh blood mouth spray, retreat ten feet, strength is not caught.

Looking at this retreat trend, Yang Kai had a vertical shape and did not return to the depths of the Void. When leaving, he didn’t forget to shout: “Run Junior Sister, hurry!” >

this time, Yu Ying had issued a Secret Technique, and the whole person had turned into blue smoke, and the wind had generally gone far. Looking at his appearance, it seemed that Yang Kai and Zhang Hao’s hands had walked for a moment, and did not want to help Yang Kai.

When I heard Yang Kai shout, he was busy: “Senior Brother Feng, you are also following, you will catch up after being caught.”

Running away from his Secret Technique was very strange, it seemed to burn the Source Strength. It consumes terrifying, but its speed is wonderful quick.

Yang Kai saw it, but also rushed to bite the tip of the tongue, spraying blood essence to burn, which was difficult to catch up with Yu Ying’s speed.

Leave Zhang Hao group of people standing in place to see dumbstruck.

Yang Kai only showed a bold and unexpected posture. They think that they have found a hard bone, but they do not want to just do the trick. Yang Kai was spewed out by Zhang Hao, and now burned the blood essence to escape.

“This person … is also an embroidered pillow!”Zhang Xian said with a sullen expression.

“Hey, fortunately, he ran fast, otherwise he was told to die without a burial place! Zhang Hao uncomfortably picked up and received his own Secret Treasure hammer, a wave: “catch, kill anyway throw them out to get revenge for Deng Yong Junior Brother! “

Others have been beheaded, followed by Zhang Hao and Zhang Xian Two Holy Child behind, Chase.

Although Yu Ying and the man named Feng De had exhibited The Secret Technique, one burned the blood essence and walked fast, but it was impossible to maintain time for The Secret Technique or blood essence. As soon as the deadline expires, they will inevitably weaken. Go on.

When you want to kill them, you don’t have to worry about anything.

On the other hand, the heads of Yang Kai and Yu Ying who flew in the Void did not dare to return.

Yang Kai Burning blood essence seemed awkward, but actually everything was under control, back then blood essence was nothing to him.

Flying for a while, Yang Kai drank: “in Junior Sister, you have soul prints scattered, and quickly find a way to eliminate them, otherwise we can’t escape.”

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This woman was really stupid to the extreme, the previous Two Holy children mentioned this matter, and at this time she didn’t think to take out that trace. If own was also involved, Yang Kai wouldn’t bother to remind him. (To be continued.)

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