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“In the past, Heaven-eating great emperors once went in search of Immortal trees to obtain immorality. He even tore apart Star boundary’s Starlight Corridor and stormed countless Star Fields. Every time he went to the Star Field, countless cultivation stars would be eaten by him, plunging people into misery and suffering. It was for this reason that he ended up angering the entire world,” Qi Hai was in no hurry to continue, “but unfortunately, even the Heaven-eating great emperor was unable to find the Immortal tree.”

Yang Kai was filled with fear after hearing this.

He could say with certainty that the Heaven-devouring Great Emperor had never been to Heng Luo Star Field. Had he been there, he might have actually found the Immortal tree; however, his arrival would definitely have brought havoc to Heng Luo’s Star Field.

Qi Hai continued, ” unable to find the Immortal tree, the Heaven-devouring Great Emperor can only look for other methods. The popular rumor was that the reason why the other great emperors surrounded the Heaven-devouring Great Emperor in the Shattered Star Sea was because his behavior was no longer acceptable, but in fact, that was only part of the reason. ”

Yang Kai’s expression changed as he asked, ” what other reason?”

“There is another, bigger reason. He wanted to attack another great emperor and snatch something from him!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s mind quickly began to work. Suddenly, he was startled with consciousness as he shouted in fright, ” could it be …”

Qi Hai confirmed it with a nod, “Yes, exactly as brother Yang guessed. It was simply impossible for a great emperor to fight if there was no absolute irreconcilable enmity between them. However, the behavior of the Heaven-devouring Great Emperor undoubtedly touched the inverted scale and bottom line of all other great emperors. If they ignored this, the next unlucky person might be themselves, so they formed an alliance and declared war against the Heaven-eating Great Emperor. Their battle shattered the sky and split the world, causing the universe to disintegrate, resulting in the creation of this shattered Sea of stars! ”

“What the Heaven-devouring Great Emperor wants to steal is the true Fire Phoenix Great Emperor Martial fire! Qi Hai’s face became serious, ” the true Fire Phoenix is the inheritance of the true Fire Phoenix. The fire Phoenix may die, but its Phoenix flame will never go out. It even had the Heaven-defying Divine ability of Nirvana, so the Phoenix true fire was also known as Nirvana true Fire. It was ranked at the top among all the exotic flames created by the heavens. The Heaven-eating great emperor wanted to obtain the true Fire Phoenix and comprehend the mysteries of Immortal Life from it. If the Heaven-eating great emperor really managed to get it, then he might really get what he wanted. ”

“During that battle, the martial flame Great Emperor was the first to fall under the hands of the Heaven-devouring Great Emperor; after all, he was the main focus of the Heaven-devouring Great Emperor. The true Fire Phoenix was also pulled out by him, but in order to prevent the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor from obtaining the true Fire Phoenix, Great Emperor Yuan Ding could only use the Mountains and Rivers Bell to suppress it. He is also helpless. And without the mountain and River bells, Great Emperor Yuan Ding’s strength plummeted, so he also followed in the footsteps of Great Emperor Martial fire. However, the Phoenix True Fire suppressed by the Mountains and Rivers Bell was sent by another great Emperor during a chaotic fight. It’s been gone ever since! ”

“Over the years, countless cultivators have entered the Shattered Star Sea to find the treasure left behind by the fallen Great Emperor, but few know that the true Fire Phoenix is being suppressed beneath the Mountains and Rivers Bell.”

Listening to Qi Hai, Yang Kai immediately understood why he had quietly stayed and he couldn’t help but smile as he praised, “brother Qi Hai, you really know a lot.”

Qi Hai declared, ” this Qi has noticed the existence of the Phoenix true Fire, and has also read countless ancient books due to some special circumstances.”

“Special circumstances?”Yang Kai raised his eyebrows.

Qi Hai punctually cupped his fist and explained, “I’ll be honest with brother Yang. This Qi wife was seriously injured twenty years ago, and has been in a coma ever since. Although this Qi has tried everything to save him, I can only keep him alive. That’s not a long-term solution. To save him, aside from the source of The Immortal liquid in the Immortal tree, only the Phoenix true fire would do so.”

Yang Kai’s face turned pale as he coldly snorted and asked, “Brother Qi, did you come to me to ask for the true Fire Phoenix? If so, then this one is wrong about you. It was a pleasant talk, but I didn’t expect that Brother Qi had this plan in mind. Goodbye!”

” Brother Yang, You misunderstood me, “Qi Hai hurriedly waved his hand, ” can you listen to me first?”

Yang Kai coldly glanced at her and said, “I’m not your friend or relative, why should I care about your problems?”

Huge beads of sweat immediately appeared on Qi Hai’s forehead and he immediately swore, “If brother Yang is willing to help me this time, this Qi is willing to pay whatever the price. Whatever Brother Yang asks of me, this Qi will definitely do it for you. ”

“Even if I want you to die?”Yang Kai pursed his lips as a sinister smile appeared on his lips.

Qi Hai’s face changed slightly but he quickly smiled broadly, “if brother Yang really saves my wife, this Qi will kill himself in front of you.”

Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly, the corners of his lips twitching as he muttered, ” You’re crazy!”

Qi Hai instead smiled and asked, “I wonder if brother Yang has met a woman that you can rely on to stand beside you even in the face of death? If you have met such a woman, you will be able to understand this feeling of Qi. ”

Several beautiful figures flashed in Yang Kai’s eyes and he couldn’t help but be touched a little.

He wondered if some of those people were going through something similar, what would he do? Suddenly he understood Qi Hai’s feelings.

“Although I sympathize with you, I can’t give you Phoenix True Fire,” Yang Kai shook his head. The true Fire Phoenix was too precious and he had already planned to give it to Liu Yuan. He couldn’t hand it over to Qi Hai just because of a few words.

Who knew if this Qi Hai was telling the truth or not? Even if what he said was true, there was no friendship between them that required such a sacrifice.

Qi Hai declared, ” brother Yang, You really misunderstood. I don’t want your Phoenix True Fire.”

Yang Kai furrowed his brows as he asked “ ” Then, What do you want?”

Qi Hai replied, ” I just want to ask brother Yang to come with me. you only need to use the Nirvana Divine Ability of the Phoenix True Fire a little. That would be enough to save my wife. And you won’t lose a bit. ”

“Only this?”Yang Kai asked, surprised.

“Only this!”Qi Hai solemnly nodded.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before asking “ ” what kind of injuries did your wife suffer? Why do you believe that Phoenix True Fire will save him?”

Qi Hai’s expression darkened as he explained, “this is not an injury per se, but more like a cold poison. On the edge of the Eastern region lies a vast ancient wild land. Few people have ever set foot on that land and fewer have returned, but where there is danger, there is also opportunity. Many masters from the Eastern Region liked to go to the ancient wild lands to explore and calm down. My wife once went to the ancient wild lands alone twenty years ago, from where she returned seriously wounded a month later. Since then, he has been in a coma. According to The Alchemist of my Qi family’s fortress, my wife was poisoned, and the poison in her system was none other than the rain of the Heavenly Frozen Land! ”

“Heavenly Frozen Earth Rain! Yang Kai’s face immediately changed when he heard this and he couldn’t help but shout in shock, “one of the Ten extreme poisons !?”

Qi Hai looked at Yang Kai in surprise as he asked “ ” brother who knows about the rain of the Heavenly Frozen Land?”

Yang Kai gently nodded, ” I’ve heard of it.”

Qi Hai smiled bitterly, ” since brother Yang has heard of it, you should know that there is basically no medicine for someone suffering from this kind of poison.”

“Indeed!”Yang Kai sighed slightly. There is no cure for any of the Ten extreme poisons. Basically, one would only count his days unless he found an amazing treasure, such as an Immortal tree.

” However, the Divine Nirvana ability of the true Fire Phoenix may be able to heal my wife, “Qi Hai impassively stared at Yang Kai as he continued, ” My main purpose in entering the Shattered Star Sea this time is to find the true Fire Phoenix and bring it back to the Qi family fortress. But … after watching everything, this Qi realized that he was too naive. With my current strength, I won’t even be able to get close to Phoenix True Fire.”

Qi Hai had naturally seen the Golden Divine Dragon source power come out of Yang Kai and his fight with the Phoenix True Fire. Just remembering that terrifying battle made him tremble.

“Brother Qi, you overestimate me. I still haven’t conquered it, I can only suppress it for a while, ”Yang Kai explained calmly.

“Depressed … “Qi Hai nervously gulped. It sounded even more unbelievable than Yang Kai conquering the true Fire Phoenix and he immediately murmured in admiration, ” truly extraordinary brother.”

Yang Kai furrowed his brows as he declared, “although even heaven and Earth will be moved by Brother Qi’s feelings for your wife, please forgive this one for not being able to help you.”

Qi Hai’s face darkened. He knew that he could not force this kind of thing. Yang Kai didn’t conquer or purify the true Fire Phoenix at all, so even if he wanted to help, he couldn’t do it, this was a simple fact. In order to save Qi Hai’s wife, Yang Kai had to first purify the true Fire Phoenix; otherwise, once he took out the true Fire Phoenix, not to mention saving his wife, everyone might burn to ashes in an instant.

“Then … is brother Yang going to come to the Qi family fortress in the Eastern Region after you refine the Phoenix true fire one day? Qi Hai pleadingly looked at Yang Kai before solemnly swearing, ” right now, this is my last hope to save my beloved wife. Brother Yang, rest assured, this Qi will never divulge anything he witnessed today, if I do, may I be struck by lightning.

“The Qi family fortress in the Eastern Region?”Yang Kai raised his eyebrows.

“That’s right!”

“If it’s the Eastern Region, I might go there someday,” Yang Kai nodded. This time, whether he could get Xiao Xiao’s whereabouts from Yin Le Sheng or not, he had to go to the Eastern Region because Xiao Xiao was probably in the Eastern Region.

“Really!?” Qi Hai was overjoyed when he heard this. She cried, drowning in happiness, “Great! When that Brother comes to the Eastern Region, just ask him about the ancient wild lands. My Qi family’s fortress is near the ancient wild land. ”

“We’ll see when the time comes,” Yang Kai did not immediately agree. He couldn’t easily make promises in matters like this. If he failed to fulfill his promise, it would definitely make Qi Hai hate him.

Qi Hai clearly understood this, but the initiative was entirely in Yang Kai’s hands, so he couldn’t force the matter. He could only take out the communication bead from the space ring and carefully hand it over to Yang Kai, “brother Yang, this Qi communication bead, will probably be used in the future.”

Yang Kai picked it up and threw it into his Space Ring before cupping his fists and saying goodbye to him, “in that case, let’s split up here.”

Qi Hai nodded with a complicated expression on his face.

Before Yang Kai left, Qi Hai suddenly shouted, ” brother Yang, wait a minute!”

“What’s wrong?”Yang Kai looked back at him.

Qi Hai earnestly asked, ” brother Yang, are you planning to chase the bells of the mountains and rivers?”

Yang Kai replied with a smile, ” How could I let the Great Emperor artifact slip? I have to try.”

Qi Hai declared, ” Great Emperor Yuan Ding’s Bell Mountain and River are extremely powerful. No one in the Dao source Realm can successfully conquer it unless you can get the approval of the Artifact spirit and let it choose you as its master. ”

Hearing this, Yang Kai flicked his hair as he narcissistically stated, “Since I’m so handsome, I should have liked me.”

Qi Hai’s face turned black. Connected.

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