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For those of you who want to read My Hero Academia Chapter 367 for free, the Read link will be embedded at the end of the article.

If nothing changes, My Hero Academia Chapter 367 will be released on Sunday, September 25, 2022, at 22.00 WIB .

Before you can access the read link from My Hero Academia Chapter 367, here’s a bit of the previous story.

Rekap My Hero Academia Chapter 366

In the previous chapter, Shigaraki was finally struck by the Quirk Singularity when his body turned into a defensive form. He managed to beat several pro heroes easily, including Mirko, Nejire Hado, and Tamaki Amajiki.

Meanwhile, Mirio Togata asks about the future that Sir Nighteye has seen for him. He doesn’t seem desperate yet. He had remembered if the advice he had been given by his mentor had said, pelu’s world had a smile, or the future wouldn’t be too bright.

The Chapter ends with Mandalay ordering the removal of the electrical barrier. However, Hero Pro will only take a few seconds.

So, Mirio will only stop the powerful Shigaraki by stalking him. Shortly thereafter, Midoriya arrives by giving him a blow to Sihigaraki.

What to expect from My Hero Academia Chapter 367?

In Chapter 367 it is likely to see from two different points of view, depending on where Kohei Horikoshi will take the story.

The most obvious direction lies in Midoriya’s fight with Shigaraki. This fight will take place with high intensity and the outcome of the fight depends on them.

But, with the rest of the battle currently underway it needs to be decided soon. The problem is that none of them are nearly as important.

If the next Chapter will feature Spinner versus Shoji or Aoyama will fight an unnamed villain, it’s possible some fans will feel disappointed.

The same is true if Horikoshi will skip all the fights, only to continue the fight Shigaraki versus Midoriya.

It will be a question of whether the reader will be able to like it or not, even if he doesn’t like it it will be useless if Horikoshi makes it from scratch.

For those of you who are going to read the manga My Hero Academia Chapter 367.

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