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Hello guys meet again with admin on this very happy occasion which will explain about the manga entitled, Read There Must Be Happy Endings & Bon Appetit Manga Update.

Read There Must Be Happy Endings just reached episeode 3 published every Saturday, to read the next episode now you have to buy coins.

In this episode Yeonwoo falls asleep from exhaustion and he wakes up in his old room at Sunjae’s house, somehow he has returned to the past when Sunjae has not died.

Spoiler Read There Must Be Happy Endings & Bon Appetit Manga Update

Yeonwoo starts the day by checking Sunjae’s whereabouts in his room, something he never did during his 2 years of marriage with Sunjae.

The two of them did sleep separately, something that made Yeonwoo even more at ease with Sunjae, Sunjae who was approached by Yeonwoo could only be surprised by being surprised by his wife’s unusual behavior.

Everything that happened that day went exactly as Yeonwoo had, from her conversation with Sunjae to her plans to attend Sunjae’s cousin’s wedding in the afternoon.

In this episode a new figure is introduced, Heejin senior Yeonwoo on campus who is known to be friendly and warm, if you want to read the next manga story, you can read the information that the admin has given above.

What Happened To There Must Be Happy Endings?

Yeonwoo still can’t believe what he’s going through until he meets Heijin and has the exact same conversation he remembers.

Even small details such as Heejin sedan will move house did not change, Yeonwoo remember Heejin will later ytak at home in his new residence.

He can’t possibly say what he knows, but he warns Heejin to be careful, which is where Yeonwoo that he could have reacted differently and changed his future with Sunjae.

Final Word

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