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Link Twitchcon Foam Pit Twitch Adriana Broken Back

Link Twitchcon Foam Pit Twitch Adriana Broken Back

At least two TwitchCon attendees said they were badly hurt after they participated in an interactive cast featuring shallow foam cube pits scattered over bare concrete.

The exhibition is part of a weekend event for the live streaming video platform, which this year was held at the San Diego Convention Center.

Participants, who are required to sign a waiver can win by knocking their opponent off their platform using heavy foam noodles.

Many in the Twitch community expressed outrage over the exhibit, what they found unsafe was one of a handful of issues attendees said about the convention on social media.

News of the “hole” injury began circulating on social media after stremer Adriana Checkik tweeted on Sunday that she broke her back in two places when she jumped off the exhibition platform and into a foam cube.

On Saturday Checkik triumphed by jumping off his platform and straight into the pits, the foam cube apparently not much help to withstand the fall.

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Twitchcon Foam Pit

And in some videos that have been circulating on social media, Checkik was seen landing straight on his back and rolling over in pain.

Medical responders were able to put the shell back in place, he said, after he went to the hospital Sunday morning doctors confirmed he had no broken bones.

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