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Synopsis Parallel World Pharmacy Manga Chapter 1

Anime Parallel World Pharmacy Manga Chapter 1 it tells the story of brothers and sisters who initially their lives were always happy. Every day they play happily and their parents are also like that.

This pair of brothers also do not want to be separated even their schools and playgrounds are the same as twins in general.

Their days are filled with happiness was gone instantly no sister where the female sex suffering from incurable pain.

Not only their trusted doctors, but even renowned medical researchers like Kanji Yakutani were unable to do much about their illness.

With all the efforts that the family and doctors have done for about 30 days, unfortunately their sister and their beloved child died.

After the incident, the older brother as not the spirit of living his life was realized by their parents even though both born of him always tried to entertain his brother.

While the story is separate from them, the newborn child has a strange and different from the others both parents of the baby were astonished.

Tersebutpun baby after a few years is now 10 years old and experienced unexpected events his body was struck by lightning and immediately rushed to the hospital because of a coma.

After a few days he was conscious but like there is something different from the nature and also his psyche where his behavior is similar to the brothers who had admin explained above.

Curious about the next story? Disni admin will provide an alternative address to watch the continuation the story.

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